Could BROD and BROTMAN be the same name? #general

Amy B Cohen

I am hoping someone can help me sort this one out. I have been researching my
great-grandparents and their families. My great-grandfather, Joseph BROTMAN, and
my great-grandmother Bessie came >from Tarnobrzeg, Poland, to the US in 1889 and
1891, respectively. After researching them for years, I've found no records at all
from Tarnobrzeg. All I have are US records and ship manifests. Family lore says
that Bessie was Joseph's cousin and that the family pushed her to marry after his
first wife died and left him with four children. All of those children plus the
five that Joseph and Bessie had together all ended up in the US. The US records
sometimes use the name BROD and sometimes BROTMAN for Bessie's birth name . I
recently discovered a relative who is probably Bessie's sister Sarah. Her US
records also sometimes say her birth name was BROD and sometimes say BROTMAN.

The ship manifest that I believe lists my great-grandfather Joseph BROTMAN has his
name as Yossel BROD, so even he may have been using both names. So could BROD and
BROTMAN be the same name? Or were the records in the US just based on family
members confusing the two surnames?

Thanks for any insights you might be able to offer.

Amy Cohen
East Longmeadow, MA, USA

Researching BROD, BROTMAN, GOLDFARB, >from Tarnobrzeg, Dzikow, and Grebow, Poland

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