Re: Could BROD and BROTMAN be the same name? #general

Alexander Sharon

Amy Bess Cohen wrote:

I am hoping someone can help me sort this one out. I have been
researching my great-grandparents and their families. My great-
grandfather, Joseph BROTMAN, and my great-grandmother Bessie came
from Tarnobrzeg, Poland, to the US in 1889 and 1891, respectively.
After researching them for years, I've found no records at all
from Tarnobrzeg.
According to Polish archives only available records for Tarnobrzeg are
located in Kielce Government Archives branch of Sandomierz.

Survived records cover only births events for years 1889 to 1901 and
1903 to 1911.

This is probably the reason that you can't obtain Polish era documents.



Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB

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