Ada Holtzman #general

Joyce Field

Ada Holtzman's death is a severe loss to Jewish genealogy. We have lost a
dedicated genealogist who shared all the results of her prodigious
research with the world in general and with JewishGen in particular. Many
projects would not be online if if were not for her efforts. Ada and I
collaborated on the Pinkas HaNitzolim project and against all odds got the
database online. I wonder if anyone can imagine how much work, time,
devotion, and dedication she put into this project. We took on the Jewish
Agency and managed to get approval >from the top echelons to get this
material online with the additional assistance of Yad Vashem. This is only
one example of her legacy to the world. See her Introductions to this
database at and .

Ada and I became friends and spoke and wrote frequently. She scoured used
bookstores in Israel to find me a copy of the two-volume Pinkas
NaNitzolim, which today sits on a bookshelf next to my computer. Whenever
I look to my left, I see those books, and think of Ada, my dear friend. I
will miss her.

Joyce Field
West Lafayette, IN

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