Tracing WWII Tashkent survivors #general


Is there any way to learn what happened to Jews who left for Uzbekistan
before the Nazis arrived in Poland? I've found my great-uncle, Wolf
Blumberg, on the Tashkent list at JewishGen and learned that he went to a
collective farm where he probably worked at his trade as a barber. What I
don't know is what happened after the war. It seems likely that he tried to
make his way home and landed in a DP camp, but I have no idea how to confirm
or discard that theory or to trace him after that if it's correct.

Joy Weaver
Islip, NY, USA

Seeking DAIBOCH, VILNER, PALER/PALEVSKY >from Grodno Gub., Belarus, ROSENEL,
BLUMBERG >from Lublin Gub., Poland.

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