Now Available: Getting Started in Jewish Genealogy: 2016 - Edition #general

Gary Mokotoff

The 2016-2017 version of "Getting Started in Jewish Genealogy" is now in
print. The book is normally updated annually since 2010 because of the
dynamic growth of Jewish genealogy research. But, as the author, I concluded
that prior to now, there wasn't sufficient new material to create an updated

All sections have been reevaluated to confirm they are current. Significant
additions include Avotaynu Online, Jewish Genealogy Portal on Facebook and
the Encyclopedia of Jewish Genealogy website. The My Heritage description
has been updated to reflect the additional functionality of the site.

The book is not a beginner's guide, but a primer to demonstrate that there
is a world of records and resources to trace your Jewish family history. The
book is only 104 pages, making it quick reading, yet it holds is a wealth of

Additional information, including the Table of Contents, is available at Avotaynu offers the book
to Jewish genealogical societies at half price when at least 20 copies are
ordered. Some societies distribute the book at no charge to new members who
are starting to research their Jewish roots. Others use it as part of
beginners' workshops.

Gary Mokotoff

MODERATOR: This is a one-time announcement of a commercial book of genealogical

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