Let's introduce ourselves #bessarabia

Jane Neff Rollins

Hi fellow Bessarabians,

My great-grandfather, Isaac KISHINEVSKY, emigrated >from Tiraspol to Chicago
in 1896. Isaac had earned his living as a cigar maker, but was apparently
also a Talmudic scholar. His parents were Emanuel and Malka Kishinevsky, and
he had at least 3 brothers, all of whom came to Chicago: Moishe, Leib (both
of whom were also cigar makers), and Samuel.

Isaac's wife and 7 children (including Jacob Kishinevsky, my GF) joined him
in 1899. The family had shortened the name to NEVSKY by 1910, and to NEFF by

Great grandfather married Lena ZEILIKOVICH, whose father was Zelig Zeilikovich
and mother was Ester SIROTA. The Zeilikovich family was >from the rich
neighborhood, as they evidently owned land (planted in grapes and fruit) in
the agricultural colony of Zatische.

Do any of these names ring bells of recognition?

The name Kishinevsky means ">from Kishinev." Yet, my father's DNA matched most
closely only to people who came >from Lithuania (none of whom are named
Kishinevsky). This is a mystery yet to be solved.

Be well, do good work and stay in touch...

Jane Neff Rollins
La Crescenta CA USA

Researching: KISHINEVSKY, Tiraspol (then Bessarabia, now Transnistria);
ZEILIKOVICH, Tiraspol & Zatische; SIROTA, Tiraspol; KLEBANSKY, Slonim,
Belarus; VATNIK, Slonim; CHEIFETZ (by marriage), Volkovysk, Belarus;
PEKLER, Zhytomyr, Ukraine; GUMENIK, Zhytomyr, Ukraine; CHERNORUDSKY,
Berdichev, Ukraine

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