Request for gravestone photos in Los Angeles #general

Shelley Mitchell

Hi Genners -

I'm trying to get a photo of the gravestones of my ancestors Barnet, Rose and
William Mogy. They were laid to rest in Mt. Zion Cemetery in Los Angeles. I
called up and their new name is Home of Peace Cemetery. I was unable to get a
specific location for the graves. If someone has the time, and lives nearby, I
would appreciate a photograph of the headstones for the following:

Barnet Mogy 1873 - Sept 7, 1952
Rose Mogy abt1873 - Nov 8, 1930
William Mogy 1898 - Dec 15, 1954

These names were confirmed by the man on the phone. It is possible that the other
children of Barnet and Rose are buried there. The others would be Herman/Hyman,
Benjamin, Max, Louis, and Marc Mogi/Mogy.

I hope that everyone is in the same area. Thank you for any help you can give.

Please contact me privately with your offer of assistance so that no more than one
person makes the trek.

Shelley Mitchell

Searching for MICHALOVSKY/MOGY >from Dubasari, Moldova; WOLFSON >from Podolsk,
Russia; PLATZ >from Delatyn; TERNER >from Kolomyja; GOLDSCHEIN >from Zurawno and
Kolomyja; TOPF >from near Radautz and Kolomyja;.

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