Help searching for connection between DJAMENT and LICHTENSZTEJN/LICHTENSZTAJN #general

charles goldenzon

Dear all,

My grandfather, Chil Pinkwas DJAMENT, born in Cmielow in 10 Oct 1905, emigrated
to Brazil in 1930. His sister, Fajga, did the same. Their parents were Moszek
Lejba Djament and Cyrla. I don't know Cyrla's maiden name.

On his Polish ID, Chil referred to one Lejba LichtensztAjn in case of a serious
accident. The relationship between both is unclear - the document reads
something similar, but not exactly, to brother (brat) or nephew (bratanek).
This text was posted recently on ViewMate (ID 52099).

I also have a 1931 picture of two young LichtensztEjn children - Ruchla and
Mosiek - sent as a memento to "uncle Djament".

from the above, can anyone identify the connection so that I can try to obtain
additional info on Chil Pinkwas and his family? Initially I wanted to know if
he and Fajga had other brothers/sisters, what his mother Cyrla's maiden name
was and hopefully find out about Chil's grandparents.

In JRI I found a 1884 Nusen Mordka DYAMENT birth record >from Cmielow, where
Nusen's mother is Fajga LichtensztAjn. Seems a good lead, but I can't
establish a connection between this link and the one I'm researching. Hopefully
one JewishGener can help. Also, I found no vital records on PSA for Chil
Pinkwas or any of his parents.

Thanks in advance for any help,

Charles Goldenzon
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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