Seeking Weiner Family Circle Descendents #general

Lisa Cohn

I'm seeking descendents of a cousins club that was formed in Brooklyn &
Harrisburg PA in 1937.

Abraham & Hannah Weiner >from Zagare Lithuania had a number of children who's kids
formed a cousins club after the wedding of my grandparents, Sam and Mathilda Swoff.
Please email me if any of these names sound familiar: Harris Weiner - Married
Sarah, had 3 children: Marion, Anna (married Robert Netzer) and Joseph. Harris
owned a dry goods store and a furniture store. The store is mentioned on this
website, and there is a grandsom, Billy of Brooklyn who comments on the bottom of
the page:

His brother, Morris,lived with Harris and family and when Harris dies in 1917,
Morris stays with his brother's family, and is listed as Head of household with his
sister-in-law and nieces and nephew.

Bessie Weiner marries Max Claman: Hannah (marred Harry Chelsey), Evelyn, Mae
(married Leonard Levy), Julius (Jules), Mae, Rose, and Sylvia.

Rebecca Weiner (born 1873) married Israel Marwell. Their children: Estelle
(married Max or Mack Meyer), Florence (married name Wallenstein), Hilda (marrid
name Reisler) and Hilton (married Pearl Berman). Israel was a charter member of
Temple Emanuel of Boro park and his son served there as president for some time as
listed in several obituaries for members of the synagogue.

Nathan and Fanny Weiner had several children: Anne (married Mac Weinstein), Celia
(born July 1891), Murray/Maurice (married Billie Weiner), Nettie, Tillie (married
Phil Smulian and had 3 children: Norman, Natalie and Alvin).

Samuel Weiner had two children, wife's name currently unknown. He had a boy, and
a daughter named Ruth. Ruthie married name Rothstein

The Harrisburg Cousins.

Helen Weiner, married Samuel Lehrman. children including Samuel, Albert, Ann (
married Betram Katzman), Ethel May (who married Herman Barash and moved back to
NY), Ivy Sara (married George Friedman), Jacob and Max (married Gladys Soiberman).
Lena Weiner married Isaac Friedman (also >from Zagare, so they probably married
there) and had one daughter named Helen (married Lee Weinstein). Celia (Tsvia)
Weiner, married Abraham Eukoseil Swoff and were my great grandparents. Their
children were:
Samuel Swoff (my grandfather), Louis, Barnett, Lena, Anne/Hannie (Fichtenbaum),
Molly (married Al Meirow/Meirowitz), The cousins club discontinued in NY after a
while, but I found an article about a plane crash in a park where cousins of the
Weiner Family Circle were having a picnic in or near Harrisburg PA. Also found an
article about an Aunt Lena who was having a 103 birthday party in the 50s.

Anyone having any info on these folks, I would love to hear >from you and I have
considerable info to share.
Lisa Cohn

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