The name Naphtali #general

Shelley Mitchell

I'm looking for English equivalents to Naphtali. I found a relative whose mother
had that name. But after that, I couldn't find her again. The husband's name was
easy and I saw it many times with different wives. And I only know one child
whose name is common - David. In order to be sure I have the right Louis
Robinowitz (b.1846), I need to know what Naphtali can be translated to. I'm sure
there are multiple versions. I'll take any you have and look for all of them
with Louis. This family is hard enough to trace since at some point they changed
their name to Greenspan! It was easy finding them as Greenspan since that's
closer in time.

I know that this is a common problem. My grandmother's manifest has her down as
"Jchwed Wolfsohn." If she wasn't my grandmother, I'd never know it was
Americanized to Mary.

Thanks in advance for all suggestions.

Shelley Mitchell

either Kolomyja, Buchach, or Monastryska; PLATZ/PLAC in Delaytn.

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