Re: Experts Responding to Newbies Questions #general

A. E. Jordan

From: Joseph Fibel
.... I should like to suggest to the very knowledgeable
and accomplished and expert posters, that in response to the queries
of the less experienced, they make specific hints or suggestions on
how to proceed but not do the work.

I know the moderators said this is not a discussion and I am not opening it up
other to say sometimes I think it is better to give people the knowledge to do
searches so that they can use that information to do more searching and have
greater skills in the future, but sometimes the only way to help is to give a
response with the results.

The reason I am writing however is to repeat an old plea .... for newbies and
skilled researchers alike ..... when you send a post to the list please lead with
your question or problem and not the family history. It makes it easier for us to
scan the questions and figure out where we can help and I am sure you will get
better responses.

If I can not see the question and have to sort through a lengthy set of background
... I am bad ... I just move on to the next post and I am sure other people do too.

Please start requests for help with here's my problem or here's what I need or ....
and then if it helps here's background I have on this issue. Please be clear if
you know a geographic location to state it up front as well as relevant dates. For

I am stuck on I can not find when Harry married Sally -- they lived in New York
City and I know the marriage had to be between these dates ....

In the date census Harry is single living at address blank but I can not find Sally
in the census but I know in date they had their first child.

Then you can tell me about Harry's parents and Sally's and whatever else you know
or think might help.

When I look at your questions I know right away it is NYC in what date range --
where I am pretty skilled -- but if it says Vienna in 1895 I know to move on since
I do not know those records and can not help you. If I have to read though all the
details of Sally, her parents, cousins, aunt, uncles, the grocery store she went
to, etc. I am sorry but I will never get to your question to offer you help.

Like Joe said in his post, I don't want to start a discussion about this but just
to leave something to think about.

Allan Jordan

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