Looking for information on Reb Dovid'l of Vidzy and family #general

Harold Berman

I have posted this request previously some years ago, but with the
advent of a new year, I am hoping that one of the old and or new
members would be in a position to possibly help with some new
information or suggestions.

I am trying to trace the family of my maternal great grandfather Reb
Dovid SUDANSKY. He according to family lore was the Rabbi and Rosh
Yeshiva of the yeshiva in Vidzy [Widze], possibly in the mid 1800's.

On page 142 in the Yiskor book of Vidzy there is mention of a Reb
Dovid'l of Widze, I am presuming that this refers to my great
grandfather. I am also trying to find out if it actually was my
ggfather, and the approximate time frame that this event took place.

I have been in contact with Eudice Harris who edited the Yiskor book,
but she couldn't unfortunately offer any information on the matter.

The only other family facts that I am aware of is that my grandmother
Paya was born in 1864, and that she had three other sisters, one of
whom Nachama made Aliyah in the early 1900's. Of the other two sisters
I have no information at all. There was also a brother Hershel [Tzvi]
who made Aliyah in the early 1930's. I have found mention of a Tzvi
Sudansky who passed away in Israel during this period, but I found that
there is no connection to our family.

Again according to family lore, Hermann JADLOWKER the chazzan and opera
singer was a cousin.

Any suggestions or assistance would be gratefully appreciated.

Many thanks,

Harold Berman [researcher 157703]
Sydney, Australia

Researching: BERMAN in Ribeni, South Africa, Zeimys,
FREED-FRID in Linkuva, Joniskelis,Pakruojis, South Africa, Vabalninkas,
Daugavpils[Dvinsk], Kamajal, Leeds, Mazeikial, Panevezys, Siaulial,
Smorgon, South Africa, Vilna, Vidzy

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