Re: Rabbinic Dynastic Research #general

Chaim freedman

Joseph Fibel commented on Rabbinic family research and the Moderator pointed

"MODERATOR NOTE: Also note JewishGen's Rabbinic Genealogy SIG (RavSIG),
devoted to the study of these families."

There you will find an extensive list of sources.
It is wise to wise a number of sources and compare what may be differing
opinions of the authors.

Furthermore one should seek the most basic, original sources rather than
simply relying on the convenience of English language sources which reflect
the understanding and personal translation of the authors.

Over the last decade or so several researchers have conducted critical
research which some times disproves earlier theories.

These include Rabbi Shlomo Englard, Rabbi Naftali Aharon Wekstein, Benyamin
Pantliat Yaron Pedahzur and who publish their research in the
Charedi press or subscibable emails.

Chaim Freedman

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