Need help trying to locate Abram ARFA who came to US in 1921 #general

Todd Brody

The Ellis Island manifests show an Abram ARFA >from Sierpc who was was born in
approximately 1866, was married to Faiga, and came to the US on April 10, 1921
on the Danzig. His closest relative in the US was his son Beny ARFA. It appears
that he was held in detention but was ultimately admitted.

While I have lots of information about his son Beny ARFA and his descendants,
I can't find out what happened to Abram. I am trying to find out when he died
and where he is buried so that I can look at his matzeva. (I am trying to find
out his father's name.) I assume that Abram stayed in New York as that was
where his son was living but I have searched through all US records that I can
find. It is possible that he went back to Europe. If he did, would that be
reflected in any records that I can search?

Thanks for your help. The name ARFA is very uncommon but there are derivations
like Arfe, Arfa, Orpa, Arf, and Arfer.

Todd Brody (searching for ARFA in Sierpc, Biezun, Plock, Zuromin, Zielun,
Dobrzyn, Mlawa, Rypin)

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