Death Certificate from Saskatchewan 1918 #general


Fellow Sleuths,

I have been trying to find the cause of death (or death certificate)
of a relative who worked and lived in Winnipeg, Canada but died in
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 1918, and is buried in Winnipeg. Morris
Zelbovich (a variety of other spellings for last name) died on July 19,
1918, corresponding to the 10th day of Av, according to his headstone.
He was 23 years old.

I have contacted the Information Services Corporation of Saskatchewan
(Vital Statistics) and the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society. Neither
organization can find any information on Morris. I am extremely
puzzled why such a young man would have died.

Might you have any suggestions how I should proceed? Thank you in
advance for your time.

Michele Zell Kanter
Skokie, Illinois

KORB, LEVIN: Skopishok, Lithuania
ZELBOVICH, ZILBER: Ponidel, Lithuania
GREENBERG: Kamenny Brod, Ukraine
KARLIK, LAVINTMAN: Kitay Gorod, Ukraine

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