Re: Yiddish Theatre Question? #general

Ann Rabinowitz

It would be helpful if Scott Seligman provided the name of the play
he is referring to as in that way specific resources for it could be
posted. It is most likely that resources would be found in YIVO.

It may be of interest that the Windsor Theatre was originally the
Bowery Amphitheatre and had many permutations including as a German
theatre, the Stadt, which then became the Windsor Theatre in 1880
until March 27, 1893 when it was reopened as a "Hebrew Theatre run
by Yiddish Theatre greats: Sigmund Mogulesco, Isidore Lindeman, and
Joseph Levy". It then closed in December, 1897.

Information on the theater can be found by looking up the Bowery
Amphitheatre at:
and by going to the link to the book "A History of the New York
Stage >from the First Performance in 1732 to 1901 by T. Allston Brown,
published in 1903, page 376. Unfortunately, it does not provide a
chronology of performances.

Ann Rabinowitz

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