Re: What to do with original documents when there are no direct descendants #general

cecilia <myths@...>

On 24 Jan 2017 05:19:26 -0800, Marlene
G Pactor Lew wrote:
My mother had an uncle who has no living descendants. [...]
Aunty gave me as wedding gifts these photographs and documents which I
received >from someone who saved them after their son passed away is all
that remains of them.
Suggestions for proper disposition of these papers to any entity which
can preserve them and/or make them available for research would be
Are there any archives (State, County etc) where he settled that might
be approached?

When a gravestone for the widow of Heinrich Hertz (she died 1941; he,
after whom megahertz, kilohertz etc are named, in 1894) was put up in
2002 in an English village, ( see letter of left of page 6 of ), the local archives
had family photographs that had, it was said, been deposited by his
daughter(s) over 30 years earlier.

Cecilia Nyleve

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