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A. E. Jordan

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From: Joseph Hirschfield

The Yiddish Book Center in Amherst, Massachusetts, a non-profit
organization, has hundreds of thousands of Yiddish Books.

That is an excellent suggestion ....

Another possibility (and a good source for a lot of searching) is the
web page called which links to the catalogs of libraries
around the world. You can search for books, magazines, etc. and it
will even sort the results by libraries closest to you. I have had
luck finding obscure things here and then contacting the individual
library for assistance or sometimes via inter library loan using my
home library.

For the person who asked about I.M.Wajsenberg (Weissenberg,Vaysenberg,)
I did a quick search on the cite by author's name using just the family
name and I immediately found some -- including some listed to be in
libraries in Israel.

As an aside, if you have not read Aaron Lansky's book about how he got
started in his quest to save Yiddish books and publications which lead
to the formation of the Yiddish Book Center, you should read the book.
It is a good great and you will learn about Yiddish along the way. His
book is called Outwitting History and I am sure you can find a copy in
libraries, etc.

Allan Jordan

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