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DaveHMD <dorsharris@...>

As moderator for JewishGen's Yiddish Theatre and Vaudeville (YT&V) Research Group,
I echo the Discussion Group moderator's recommendation that Scott Seligman's
request for information about a production "possibly" presented in German, also be
directed to the YT&V group. Its members may be in possession of resources that
would help Mr. Seligman answer his question.

For example, the publication "Annals of the New York Stage" reported on theater
productions >from the late 1880's and 1890's. Entries included many Yiddish theater
performances, naming the dates, authors, actors and even outlining the subject
matter of the play. For the Windsor Theatre, the 1892-1893 season was a home for
plays in English. That changed in the 1893-1894 season, after turning over the
lease to Lindemann, Mogulesko and Levy as reported by Ann Rabinowitz in her
Discussion Group response, The Annals, using information >from the publication
Arbeiter Zeitung, reported the actors Mogulesco, Kessler and Feinman as managers
and Moses Hurwitz (Horowitz) as the author. The Annals goes on to list all the
productions for the year and makes no mention of any play presented in German or
any other language besides Yiddish.

Reference: Annals of the New York stage
George Clinton Densmore Odell.
New York, Columbia University Press, 1927-49

I encourage Mr. Seligman to join the YT&V and repost his message there. He may
receive additional information >from the members to fully resolve his question.

David Harris
Moderator Yiddish Theatre and Vaudeville Research Group.

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