Re: What to do with archives and momentos when there are descendents #general

rv Kaplan

At the Scottish Jewish Archives Centre ( ), we often receive
donations >from people where there are no descendants to pass them on to or
where the children etc aren't interested - so an appropriate archive or
museum is good to ensure material is looked after in the future.

Sometimes we provide the donor with a scanned copy or a photo (eg of medals), so
that any family members interested can see what the item looks like, but
don't have the responsibility of keeping it safe, conservation etc.

Harvey Kaplan,
Glasgow, Scotland

Barbara Sloan bj1friends@... wrote:

The recent topic of what to do with archives when there are no descendants
reminded me that I have been wondering how my siblings and I might handle
items >from our parents, such as Dad's army medals. We each have children.
I hate to see the collection broken up but at the same time, I want all the
children and grandchildren to have a good sense of where our family came from.

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