Shtetl vs. Dorf #general

Paul Berman

Messages to this discussion group often use the term "shtetl" when
apparently referring to villages rather than towns in Eastern Europe.

The author Irving Stone addressed this term in his introduction to his
magnificent history of the Jewish socialist movement in early
twentieth century in New York City, "The World of Our Fathers",
published in the 1950's. He wrote that the term "shtetl" was (and
still is) commonly used erroneously for smallish villages when the
correct term was "dorf". The word "shtetl" properly referred to larger
communities such as towns.

Irene Berman

Researching: EPSTEIN (LEVITES) Kossov Poleski and Slonim; STOLLER,
FINKEL (FRANKLIN) Kossov Poleski, New York and Ellington in
Connecticut, U.S.A.

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