JGFF - reminder #general

Alexander Sharon

JGFF (JewishGen Family Finder) is most popular JG database available for all


For complete information about the JGFF database, please see the
JGFF FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about the JewishGen Family Finder.


If you require JGFF assistance, please visit JGFF Help desk at:


There are few more points in addition to rules listed in above JGFF sites:

1. When adding town name(s) and system reject it, please search for town names
already listed in JGFF system, perhaps you have misspelled it or place town
in the incorrect country (Typical: Russia instead of Ukraine, Belarus or

Rule: use only modern town name within modern country borders.

2. Use JewishGen Gazetteer as much as possible

JG Gazetteer, based on USBGN (United States Board of the Geographical Names)
provided unique FEAT # which allows JGFF editor to enter correct town with
correct coordinates into JGFF database.

If place name is not listed in the Gazetteer, please provide detailed
description where information about the town and its Jewish characteristics
can be located.

Please do not make location references such as classical "pinskaminska
kibernia" or refer JGFF editor to Google or other Internet search engines.

Suggestion: Do you research first but call JGFF Help when you are lost.

3. We are trying our best, but sometime we also hit the wall, and in this case
we recommend to contact JG discussion group: there are many very helpful and
very smart experienced Genners can provide suggestions and recommendations.

4. Do not forget write simple "thank you" to editor in reply when your issue
has been solved. I am volunteer JGFF editor.

5. I'll post on this forum periodical updates on added JGFF towns and
surnames associated with those towns. Galicia towns updates will be also
posted on Galicia discussion group.


Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

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