The titles of GenAmi 79, France #general

Micheline GUTMANN

GenAmi 79 announces a great feast on March 19th, for its 20th anniversary .
The different articles:
1 - "My two SAMUEL families" is the story of the son of a cantor coming >from
Heidelsheim, Germany. Leon SAMUEL married into a famous WEIL family of Ribeauville.
The descendants went to Paris and we especially follow one of them, Lyon SAMUEL,
who went to London and married Abigail of the JACOB-MOSS family related to the
INSTONE family and to Sir Marcus SAMUEL who has been Lord Mayor of London and
created the SHELL company. Lyon SAMUEL came back to France, at Boulogne-sur-Mer.
Everything was going well for them until WWII. The family went back to London but
Sam Leon SAMUEL remained and was a famous resistant in the South of France.
After the war, totally ruined, he comitted suicide in spite of the birth of a son.
The son discovered his real identity 16 years later and slowly the story of
his family. We helped him to write it.
2- Women in the spotlight : Rosalind FRANKLIN, Olga BANCIC, Rachel KAHN,
Rebecca GRATZ
3 David SINGER and his descendants
4- New documents on GenAmi website, Acquisitions, Genealogical reviews,
Books readings
Some topics discussed on GenAmi forum, Cultural news worldwide.

Micheline GUTMANN, President of GenAmi, Paris, France

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