Re: (Lithuania) The Holocaust's Great Escape--Ponar Tunnel #general

Eve Line Blum <eve.line.blum@...>

After having carefully read that very moving story of the Great Escape
via the Tunnel in Ponar, I think that it may be interesting to remind
another daring escape that took place at Christmas 1943 in Kaunas (in
Lithuania, about 360 km North East >from Ponar) and that is very
similar to Ponar Escape except that it was very well known and the
tunnel not hidden at all.

The man who organized that escape, with 84 other prisoners was Alex
Faitelson (15 April 1923- 26 March 2010). Years later, he wrote the
story of that escape ("The Escape >from the IX Fort") and two other
books concerning it: "Heroism & Bravery in Lithuania 1941-1945", and
"The truth and nothing but the truth, Jewish Resistance in Lithuania
(1941-1944)". These books are very important for anybody who is
interested in the events in Lithuania during WWII and they are a
complement to the story of the Tunnel in Ponar, since A. Faitelson
explains what was "the work" done by the prisoners before being shot
in their turn.

In May 1944, a special transport of Jews coming >from France arrived in
Kaunas (and in Tallinn, Estonia) with 878 men, and even if we don't
have any "tangible proofs" of their story before being shot (there
were only 23 survivors in 1945), it's almost certain that these men
coming >from France had to continue the awful "work" started by Alex
Faitelson and his companions, after the escape of these latters.

Eve Line Blum-Cherchevsky
Besancon (France)

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