New York City research questions 1912-1925 #general

Jeff Miller

In a past posting, it was stated that there were an extraordinary number of
fraternal lodges of mutual aid, benevolent, sick-and-benefit, burial and
free loan societies formed by the immigrants themselves. These societies
also provided a sense of belonging, a place to preserve their dignity when
they fell on hard times. It was also a way of preserving familiar ties to
the Old World. In 1900 there were over 1,000 societies in New York and by
1935 well over

Any idea how to identify institutions that may have records related to a
particular family or community, given that I have a timeline of their
presence in Manhattan and Brooklyn and information about Public Schools
attended ? Or ways of getting more family information? I have records
identified in the following summary, some >from a deceased uncle's letters
and some >from records publicly available.

My Yudelowitz/Lane family came to New York in 1912. My uncle Sam Yudelowitz
(name later changed to Sam Lane for business purposes), born May 1909, and
younger brother Morris, were accompanied on the ship by mother Bertha.
reports the family initially lived in Lower East Side, Monroe St., Henry
Street, Governier Street above a pool parlor, 21 or 15 Rutgers Place (a
one-block long street). He entered public School at age 3, P.S. 31 in

The family, headed by father Abraham Isaac Yudelowitz, moved to Brooklyn
where he attended P.S. 21 and P.S. 148.

Between 1916-1921 (9-22-1916, grade 1A, to 9-12-21, grade 6B) my uncle Sam
attended P.S. 147 at 325 Bushwick Avenue. The family lived at 183 Mc Kibben
Street at the time.

He transferred to P.S. 43 after this. In 1918 when his father Abraham
Yudelowitz provided his WW I Draft Registration he identified his employer
as the Jewish Aid Society, and that he was a laborer.

Abraham died in 1924, my grandmother Bertha was naturalized in 1925, and
she, Sam and Sam's brother Morris took the maiden name of Bertha, Lane, as
their names. At some point the youngest child of Abraham and Bertha, Belle,
was sent to an orphanage or other institution - any idea of how to find her?
Belle Yudelowitz later rejoined the family.

She had two sisters born in the U.S. after the boys but before Belle, my
mother Sarah and Beckie (Alice).
I could not locate a 1915 New York Census record for the family, but found
them in 1920 and 1925 Censuses.

Thanks for any ideas.

Jeff Miller

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