Re: New York City research questions 1912-1925 #general

A. E. Jordan

Seems like this is partially a question about the groups and partially
a family specific question.

The question about the organizations: These existed as social and
burial groups and there are several sources about them. Starting the
Brooklyn JGS has a good database of the burial organizations that
tracks which cemetery they have plots in. Also the incorporation
papers for the organizations that went that route (to set up a formal
organization registered with the government) those organization papers
still exist and you can get a copy. And for the organizations that
survived to pass on their records most of them went to Yivo which has
them in their library.

However most of the organizations did not keep details on the
individuals especially I saw a question about schools and state census.
That is a separate research project.

Allan Jordan

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From: Jeffrey A Miller

Any idea how to identify institutions that may have records related to
a particular family or community, given that I have a timeline of their
presence in Manhattan and Brooklyn and information about Public Schools
attended ? Or ways of getting more family information?

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