jewish cemeteries in Hungary #general

renato mannheimer

My ggf was born in Ocs (Vezprem county Hungary) in 1833. As he had his first child
in Ocs in 1860, I suppose that his parents died there. But how can I find where
they were buried? Ocs is a little town (200 inhabitants) and I don't think
(although I should verify) that there is a jewish cemetery there.What was the use
in these times? If there was no jewish cemetery in the town of death, were jewa
buried in a cemetery of a larger town? Is there a list of jewish cemeterie in
Hungary? Thank you for your help and excuse may bad english
Renato Mannheimer (Italy)

MODERATOR NOTE: You might want to check the JewishGen website, under the tab
"Databases" for "Burial Registry (JOWBR)" you will be able to check out the list
of cemeteries by country included in the database.

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