Slonim to Tashkent? #general


Is there a historic reason for a family >from Slonim, Belarus to
migrate to Tashkent before emigrating to the US?

According to his naturalization, my GGF was born in 1876 in Slonim,
Belarus and his wife was buried in the Slonimer section.

I have a family photo I believe was taken just before he left for NY
via Hamburg in May 1904, his wife and two children followed him to NY
in October >from Antwerp. The photo was taken in Tashkent so now I'm
wondering why a tailor would have gone so far east before going West
to the US? Was there any particular impetus in the early part of the
20th century to go to Tashkent?

Sherri Venditti
The Berkshires, USA

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