Lost MILCH family that lived in Boston 1902. Maybe surname changed. Any help anyone? #general

Mark London <mrl@...>

Hi - I need help in finding a lost family, that claimed to be related to my
wife's family, on their passenger list.

On Sep 13, 1900, the following 2 people arrived in NYC, along with my wife's
grandfather. Their last stated residence was Hruszow, Galicia, which is where my
wife's family is from. Their names were:

Abraham MILCH, born 1857, baker. Brother-in-law of L. RITTNER in Boston,
Chaim MILCH, born 1883.

On Nov 11, 1902, the rest of the family arrives, Their destination residence is
"16 Minden St, Roxbury, Massachusetts".

Neche (or Nethe) MILCH, born 1867, wife of Abraham
Lejsche MILCH (?), born 1888
Leib MILCH, born 1891
Freide (?) MILCH, born 1900

Another son, Moris MILCH, born 1886, arrived on Nov 5, 1902, with the same
stated destination residence.

I have found families with the same name, in Boston, and NYC, but they don't
appear to be related. I'm thinking that perhaps this MILCH family changed
their surname. I can't find any records for them in the JRI Archives. But
records for Hruszow are very limited.

I need to be able to find a record, that can allow me to tracethe mother's
maiden name. Because Abraham states that he is a brother-in-law of my wife's
great grandfather. So the wife is probably the person related to my wife
(assuming they really are related). Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Mark London

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