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Meron Lavie

Hi All,

2 of my father's 2nd cousins, girls born in the 1930's, were put in separate
orphanages in about 1938 after their father died and their mother was
incapable of caring for them. The agencies which ran the orphanages are not
willing to divulge any information. I think that one of the girls, Irene,
was never adopted - she was apparently institutionalized most of her life,
and still had her full original first and last name when she died - which
means her name was never changed due to marriage or adoption.

Since we have 5 more years until the 1950 census comes out, I am trying to
see if there is some way of getting information about them as young girls -
which might help me find the other sister if she is still alive (she'd be 79

I thought that perhaps there'd be school records for the girls. Is that a
possibility? Could they be accessed? Is there any other way of obtaining
some information about them?

The girls' details, including 1940 census:
Irene Ernestine LESSELL, born about Apr 8 1935 in Brooklyn (?), died Mar 29
2012 in NYC. In 1940, Shield of David Home For Orphan Girls, Bronx.
Elsie LESSELL, born about Jan 1938 in Brooklyn (?). In 1940, Home For Hebrew
Infants, Bronx.


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