Finding and Accessing New York Probate records #general


Several people have asked about finding NY probate records so I thought I'd
post the information here. There are some on ancestry but far more records on The NY Probate database has not been indexed so entries will
not show up when you do a search for an individual. You have to narrow down to
the file or files you're interested in and then browse the records for
specific file that are likely relevant to your person.

Here's information about the database:
[MOD. NOTE: shortened URL - ]

and this is the starting point for your search:
[MOD. NOTE: shortened URL - ]

from this page you choose your target county which will bring up a list of the
various types of probate records and indexes filmed by FS. Find the file(s) for
the time period and alphabetical parameters you're working with, click on the
file and page through to, hopefully, find something on the person you're looking

You may find a document or just an index card showing a name, a file number,
possibly a date and one or more letters which stand for specifics about the file
(SDB = safe deposit box). Note that the files include Guardianship cases as well
as Wills which may be helpful for things like Meron's search for information
about the LESSELL girls.

Once you glean all you can >from the FS files you'll have to contact the court to
find out about accessing the actual document files. Each county court has its
own procedures, hours, fees, etc. Keep in mind that many people share the same
name... I was looking for the will of an elderly woman but ended up with a large
file of guardianship proceedings for a child with the same name.

If you're going to be ordering a file try to have it verified as your target
before paying a lot of money for it.

Happy hunting,
Sherri Venditti
The Berkshires, USA

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