How to Obtain a Death record from Israel-Seeking record on Chava//Khava(GREENBERG)Schwartz #general

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Hi All

I am hoping someone can help me with obtaining a death record >from Israel. I am
trying to trace this last known kin of Yosef & Anna GREENBERG. Yosef & Ana died
in the Shoah and their daughter Chava (GREENBERG) SCHWARTZ submitted a POT back
in 1976.

I have had some research done in the past which has revealed to me that Chava
immigrated to Israel about 1969 and died there in July 13 of 1997 in Kfar
Sabakfar Sava Israel. I have a photo of the tombstone, but what I am really
hoping for is to find any evidence of her having children who survived her. I
am hoping a copy of her death record would shed some light. I am trying to
comfirm her connection to my great-grandfather Abraham Adolph GREENBERG who
shares the same parentage as Yosef her father. Any and all help is appreciated
in this matter.

Sarah Greenberg(USA-CT)

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