related Sigmund Gottreich from Prostejov in Czechoslovakia #general

Petr Soudek <petr.soudek16@...>

I am looking for my related Chaim Sigmund Gottreich, born in Grzymalov
(Poland) in 22.5.1886.
In book of Maud (Michal) Beer "What Fire Can't Burn" is written
surname Goldreich.
He was living in Prostejov (Czechoslovakia) till 20.3.1939 when he
left. Somebody say that he goes to Palestine. He was shoemaker. He
have two children - Gertruda (*28.12.1924) and Maximilian (*20.8.1931)
but he was not married. His mate was Marie Obr(ova) (*7.10.1893).
After II.WW he tried return to Prostejov, his mate send request to
Czechoslovak office in 1946, but the request was rejected.
from family story I know that he was living in Israel and he was
married, maybe had a children.

I will be happy for any information's or contacts. I prepare family
tree and persons who now something about this part of history of my
family are no longer live.

RNDr. ThMgr. Petr Soudek, Ph.D.
Czech Republic

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