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One of the most time-consuming and tiring parts of research is locating
whichever of those thousands of little towns and hamlets in Eastern
Europe to which a correspondent may have referred. To add to the work,
as we all know, towns changed names and those names have multiple
transliterations. Recently a genetic cousin >from FTDNA asked casually
whether I'd checked out her town list. I hadn't and my heart sank at the
thought of doing it; I was interested but it took more time than I
wanted to spend despite the wonderful modern availability of Google
maps and our own JGS Town Finder and Gazeteers. And I, in turn, have
also blithely referred to obscure ancestral locales as if my
correspondents should know where they are. Is there- could there be- a
programme which gives one a simple, pop-up map immediately upon having
high-lighted the name of a place? Is there an ambulatory computer
genius out there who would take this on? Perhaps there is already such a
programme and, if so, I and probably many other researchers would love
to hear of it.

Ari Dale

MODERATOR: Private responses only please. Perhaps after Ari hears about
programs out there he will submit a short summary of the responses he
I think this will be of general interest, since it is so simple:

Use a bookmarklet to search in Google Maps,
you can use the one I put here,
drag the bookmarklet to your bookmark-bar:


This will work on modern town-names [or decimal coordinates]

Evertjan Hannivoort.
The Netherlands.
(Please change the x'es to dots)

MODERATOR NOTE: Thank you Evertjan! If there are any questions/comments about
Evertjan's contribution, please contact him directly.

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