Chaim Sigmund GOTTREICH (*1886 in Grzymalov in Poland) #general

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First of all I must tell you that I am not >from Jewish family. But I
am looking for my related Chaim Sigmund Gottreich, born in Grzymalov
(Poland) in 22.5.1886. In book of Maud (Michal) Beer "What Fire Can't
Burn" is written his surname as "GOLDREICH". He was living in
Prostejov (Czechoslovakia) till 20.3.1939 when he left.

He was shoemaker. Somebody say that he goes to Palestine. Shaul
Sharoni >from this forum find that Siegmund Gottreich, born 1886 in
Poland, died on 8.11.1966 at the age of 80 is buried in Haifa,
northern Israel. His father's name was Zeev (Wolf). I want to get a
more informations about him if it is not merely coincidence of names
and birth year.

Sigmund Gottreich have two children - Gertruda (*28.12.1924) and
Maximilian (*20.8.1931) but he was not married in Czechoslovakia. His
mate was Marie OBR(ova) (*7.10.1893). To protect the children against
Nazi persecution both had a surname OBR and their mother declared that
children are illegitimate and that Sigmund Gottreich is not their
father. After II.WW he tried return to Prostejov, his mate send
request to Czechoslovak office in 1946, but the request was rejected.
from family story I know that he was living in Israel, sometimes visit
Czechoslovakia and he was maybe married, maybe had a children in

Gertrude (Obr - married CZAPLA), the daughter of Sigmund Gottreich,
was one part of my life, because I knew her when I went on vacation to
my grandmother. I was a little kid and I did not know anything about
her turbulent fate, I did not know anything about it, that she is a
Jew, I did not know that she was in the Theresienstadt concentration
camp >from 1942. She meet in Theresienstadt a Jewish boy >from Germany
in the name Bruno Czapla. She got a married with him after the end of
II. WW. They have a daughter Jena.

Maxmilian (Obr), the son of Sigmund Gottreich, was also in
Theresienstadt but shortly before end of war (March 1945). After war
he was living in Brno and in the 70s he was emigrated with wife Lida
(Ludmila) to Schwitzerland.

I will be happy for any information's or contacts. I prepare family
tree and persons who now something about this part of history of my
family are no longer live.

Petr Soudek

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