Deportation film #general

Paul Silverstone

Re-reading a biographical account of my cousin's life, I found this

"During my first visit to America my uncle took me to the community of
Jews >from my mother's town. There they showed me a film taken by the
Germans themselves about a Jewish ghetto. In the film I recognized my
grandfather and two of my sisters. I saw my grandfather standing and
children around him."

He was six years old in 1939, born in Pultusk, Poland. Most of the
family lived in nearby Makow Mazowiecki. He describes a visit to
America about 1960. I am intrigued by this film, and am wondering how
to find out what it was. I am sure that his grandfather was deported
from Makow.
The uncle he mentions is long deceased.
I would love to find this film. Of course maybe he was wrong in his
recognition. Any suggestions would be welcome as to where I might look.
Paul Silverstone
New York
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