Offering Montefiore Cemetery Springfield Queen Visit/Photos #general

A. E. Jordan

I am going to be helping someone with a visit to Montefiore Cemetery in Springfield
Queens early this week and since I am going I wanted to offer if anyone else needs
assistance at this individual cemetery please contact me.

I will only be visiting Montfiore on Springfield Avenue in Springfield Gardens,
Queens, New York but if you need a grave photographed I should be able to do it..
Of course priority has to be for the person who asked for the visit and since time
will be somewhat limited, plus it can be difficult move around the cemetery, I can
only do a few graves. Plus I am at the mercy of the office to help me locate the
graves and >from experience I have found out these offices are not as helpful when
you show up with a list of 30, 40 or 50 graves. (I have tried.)

This will be similar to my NYC look ups where I appreciate a few dollars to help
off set the costs and I will take a digital photo and email it to you.

Montefiore has a database of internments on its website but please be certain it is
your person that you are requested and not a general search for a name. For
example there are 82 Harry Cohen graves in their database ... so please no "cousin
Harry died in Queens" so could you look for me requests.

Allan Jordan

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