USHMM Encyclopedia of Camps and Ghettos, 1933-1945 online for free #general

Lewis, Megan

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has made the first two
volumes of their Encyclopedia of Camps and Ghettos 1933-1945 freely
available on its website at
[or --Mod.]

Volume I includes the major concentration camps, their sub-camps, SS
construction brigades, and early camps set up by the police, SA and SS
shortly after the Nazis seized power. Volume II includes ghettos in
German-occupied territories. Each volume matches the physical format
of the book, and each consists of two pdf files. The place name index
is in the back of the second part of each volume. Each signed article
includes citations and bibliographies for further research. Overview
articles provide additional information, and are worth reading.

Future volumes will be made available online after the print volume
has been available for a few years. Volume III- camps and ghettos in
countries allied with the Nazis- is scheduled to be released in print
this year.

Megan Lewis Reference Librarian 202.314.7860
National Institute for Holocaust Documentation
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

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