Re: Plonsk Yizkor Book -- David ben Gurion's origins #general

Jeffrey Knisbacher

On 5/5/2017 Lance Ackerfeld wrote:

As Israel recently celebrated its 69th year, it's significant to note
that one of the articles added this past month to the Yizkor Book Project
was by David Ben Gurion, Israel's first Prime Minister. The article
provides his youthful recollections of his hometown of Plonsk, Poland
and events in this community relating to the establishment of the Jewish
The article by David Ben Gurion on his youth in Plonsk, at the beginning
of this book, is fascinating. However there is an issue that I would
like to ask about, that is not addressed at all in these recollections.
Friends of our, with the original surname SIPERSTEIN (or SAPERSTEIN),
say that they are relatives of ben Gurion's and that an uncle many
decades back had visited with ben Gurion in Israel, and that he (ben
Gurion) confirmed that his birth parents were, in fact, SIPERSTEIN, and
that he had been given to the GREEN family to prevent his forced
induction later on into the Russian army. Clearly, >from ben Gurion's
memoirs, his father was Avigdor GREEN, whom he loved dearly. So my
question is, has anyone on Jewishgen ever heard this story before? Since
ben Gurion had two older brothers, born nine and seven and a half years
before him, the SIPERSTEIN story doesn't seem to make sense, since the
GREENs were not a family with no children of their own. On the other
hand, if his oldest brother had been given to the GREEN family, which
apparently had governmental protection due to Avigdor's status as a
respected lawyer, maybe there is something here. Thanks in advance for
any assistance. Jeff Knisbacher

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