Re: Does the town CZYSZE exist somewhere in the World ? #general

Alexander Sharon


This is most probably place known as CZYZE (accented 'z'), pron. [chy: = zheh] near
Bielsk Podlaski and Hajnowka, Poland (ex Grodno Gubernia and Bialystok
wojewodztwo) at 5247 2325 Another good candidate is CZYZEWO, large Jewish town in
Wysokie Mazowieckie vicinity.

Hope this help

Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

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From: Eve Line Blum
I'm researching the true identity of a man who was deported >from Drancy to France
on 15 May 1944, via Convoy #73, towards the Baltic States. When he arrived in
Drancy (French internment camp), her identity was registered as : Gabriel DIAMENT
(DIAMENT with a E ), allegedly born on 7th November 1898 in CZYSZE

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