Re: Relatives from Kupel, Russia #general

Steve Stein


As the (relatively new) Town Leader for Kupel, which is currently in Ukraine
(you may contact me directly >from the town page), and as someone who has
been researching my Kupel roots for 40 years, I share your frustration. The
short answer is, no, we have not found a stash of records as yet. What
Miriam Weiner documents in her RTR database for Kupel is fairly sparse and
as yet unreachable by most individuals. Here is what I have tried:

--- At my own expense, I hired a researcher in Ukraine to explore Revision Lists in
the Zhitomir archive to see if any of the years not listed by Miriam were
potentially missed during her visits. For most of the years,records are indicated
for other shtetls in Starokonstantinov district (answer: could not find)

--- During the 2015 IAJGS conference in Jerusalem, I spent two days examining a
decade's worth of birth records >from Starokonstantinov that had been scanned onto
CDs held by the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People (CAHJP)in
Jerusalem, looking for the births of my grandfather (ca. 1891) and my grandmother
(ca. 1895). During the search, it became apparent that the records were for
Starokonstantinov City, not Starokonstantinov District (Kupel would be included in
the latter, not the former)

--- I have been working with the leadership of Ukraine SIG to motivate CAHJP,
one of their primary data sources, to locate and prioritize any such vital records
or revision lists. To date, that effort has not borne any fruit.

--- For JOWBR, I documented all the burials, more than 300, in the plot in
Beth David Cemetery in Elmont, New York, owned by the Kipilier Young Mens
Benevolent Association

--- I have corresponded with other Kupel researchers looking for any
knowledge they may have of records in various places that may be extant and
as yet unharvested, particularly in Rochester, New York, where there was a
synagogue and cemetery plot founded by Kupelers

I am happy to once again try to rally more support and resources to explore
the existence of Kupel records.

Steve Stein
Town Leader for Kupel, Ukraine
Highland Park, New Jersey USA

Subject: Relatives >from Kupel, Russia
I've been on JewishGen for many years and I am looking for records from
Kupel, Russia. Almost all my paternal family is >from there, and I have not
been able to find any info on Kupel. I belong to the Ukraine Sig group and

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