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David Selig


I woudl be interested in contacts, ressources, and tools available for reseraching
information about my mother's family. I have marriage certificate of her parents,
birth cert of her mother.

I am specifically looking for information about my mother's sister, killed in the
camps and the address at which the family lived (and worked? ) in Berlin, pre 1939,
date of their departure for Australia.

Erich BLUMENTHAL, born 24.08.1893, Konigsberg
Charlotte LESKE, born ??.10.1985, Berlin

My mother -
Eva Martha BLUMENTHAL (later SELIG) and her sister
Irene BLUMENTHAL, born?? 1920? in Berlin

A first serach, notably on the Yad Vashem web site list of victims, traces a
possible match, to Irene GLASER, ne BLUMENTHAL, with a year of birth as 1920
(according to that record, born 19.01.1920 in Berlin Wilmersdorf)

Any help would be much welcomed.

Best, David

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