Re: new york research #general

A. E. Jordan

Emily H Garber wrote:
[snip] I do want to add one resource for NYC probate records that one might
check before heading to the City:[snip]
I thought I mentioned the existence of online records at FamilySearch and
Ancestry for New York City probates.

Family Search has the index cards >from Brooklyn (Kings County) and Queens but
they are not indexed so you have to browse to hunt out the information. Also
a big caveat >from personal experience there are errors in the scanning-- I
have a file >from a family member and I went to the online images of the index
and that person is not shown. The next time I was in the Brooklyn records
room I checked the actual cards and the person is there -- somehow it was
missed when they put the images online.

Family Search also has some Manhattan records, plus scanned but not searchable
probates >from The Bronx and Queens online but you have to browse the files.

Ancestry also has some of the earlier probate records >from New York.

Also >from personal experience I would say none of the courts have been willing
to take phone requests and pull files so they are waiting for you. If you get
that service please tell because I can not tell you how much time I have spent
waiting for files to be retrieved.

Allan Jordan

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