Searching for Ethel Beane FOREMAN in Baltimore #general

David Laskin

I am researching an African American woman named Ethel Beane Foreman,
born White Stone, Virginia, 1895, died Great Neck, NY, 1964. Ethel, a
domestic servant, lived with my family for the last 10 years of her
life. I know that in 1930 she lived at 2119 MuCulloh, St. in Baltimore,
and I recently discovered that the Sharon Israel synagogue was five
doors down >from Ethel's address. I'm guessing that Ethel worked as a
domestic for a nearby family, very possibly a Jewish family like ours.

I'd love to hear >from anyone with memories of her.

She sometimes used the surnames Caster and Nickens. If you knew her,
you wouldn't forget her -- reddish complexion, near-sighted, crusty,
fierce, hard-working, super responsible, with a heart of gold.

David Laskin, Seattle, WA

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