(Russia and Ukraine) Database Includes Information on Rebels of the Russian Revolution #general

Jan Meisels Allen

For those whose ancestors fought in the Russian Revolution you might find
this database of 106,000 men and women of interest. These people were
considered enemies of the new Communist government and were also considered
enemies of the state when they escaped by emigrating out of Russia and the
Ukraine. The database has full names, birth dates, birthplaces, death dates,
places of residents, title within the White Army, military experience and
more! The database is only Russian, but using Google translate
https://translate.google.com/ will help those who are not familiar with the
Russian language. See:

The information on this database came >from a blog posting by Vera Miller in
Lost Russian Family, and communist era records. She provides suggestions on
how to search the Russian database, using Wikipedia for the Russian alphabet
and finding the surnames before putting them into Google Translate.

Ms. Miller also suggests using the Russian search engine Yandex for keywords
on your family.

To read her post go to:

Also included are other free databases on political terror, military
databases, national database of repressed of Ukraine, Soviet POW database,
Ukraine's Memory Book of soldiers and civilians who died during WW11 and a
database of over 400,000 passengers who arrived in the US >from 1834-1897 who
identified their country of original as Russian, Russian Poles, Armenians,
Finnish, Galician, Lithuanian, Polish and Ukrainian. See:

Jan Meisels Allen
Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee

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