Re: Mother and son share a tombstone--is it possible? #general


Having more than one name on a stone, and presumably more than one person
buried in a plot, is not unheard of. There may have been financial or personal
circumstances that lead to this. (a widow might have had her own plot paid for,
but might not have had the means to buy another plot for her son, etc.)

To clarify the religious aspects, you should probably consult an orthodox rabbi.

....... tom klein, Toronto

Josephine Rosenblum <> wrote:

In an Orthodox cemetery in Cincinnati, a mother and son share one tombstone.
The names and dates bear this out. She was born a full generation before him,
plus the names match what I know of their relationship. He (the son) was
divorced and had died one year before his mother. The woman's husband (and
his father) had died years earlier. The stone does not mention any
relationship in English.

The death dates are in the 1920s.

It does not seem logical that an Orthodox cemetery would allow this. Because
others may encounter this situation, please send replies to the group.

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