New York Jewish fraternities/orders/lodges #general

Jeff Miller

A cousin reports that he has a walking stick that was given to an ancestor
named Mordecai Dov Ber Kramer, Charles (Ezekiel) Kramer's father, that bears
the inscription "MB Kramer." It was presented on April 6 1914 by "The NY
Lodge, No. 16, OBA" - Does anyone recognize this abbreviation or know about
the presenting organization; possibilities might be the "Grand Lodge Order
sand Brith Abraham"

Was this a Masonic Order? Was that spelling correct? Or was it "Grand Lodge
Orders and Brith Abraham" [OBA could be Order of Brith Abraham?] That sounds
very Jewish - could it be interpreted as Order of Covenant of Abraham? Could
it be a Jewish fraternal order? Was B'nai Brith connected to Masonic orders?

I'd be interested in resources related to New York Jewish

Thank you,
Jeff Miller

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