Re: Mother and son share a tombstone--is it possible? #general

Michael Hoffman

It is possible to have a mother and son sharing a grave.

In the Miodowa Street Cemetery in Krakow, there is a "Schamroth" Family
grave containing 5 burials, which contains 3 generations of the family.
This is a branch of the Schamroth family which is related to the "Halevi
Horowitz" family.

Michael Hoffman

tom klein, Toronto wrote,
"Having more than one name on a stone, and presumably more than one person
buried in a plot, is not unheard of. There may have been financial or personal
circumstances that lead to this. (a widow might have had her own plot paid for,
but might not have had the means to buy another plot for her son, etc.)

To clarify the religious aspects, you should probably consult an orthodox

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