Re: Entries in the new NYC (pre 1930) marriage license database, that don't have NYC marriage certificates. #general

Mark London <mrl@...>

Renee - The unfortunate problem with the message 1967 licenses, has been
noted, on the Reclaim the Records website.

My question, which Allan Jordan gave one answer to, was why marriage
certificate themselves would be missing, >from the pre 1930 era. He
said that it was an honor system, for the officiant to send them in.
Since I had never encountered missing marriages certificates for
marriages that occurred in other states, for that time perioed, I was
surprised to hear that this could have been happening in NYC. I'm
curious if anyone else has discovered a similar issue, with any
marriages that occurred in NYC, pre 1930, and whether they have obtained
the license, to see if the marriage did indeed occur NYC. Thanks.

Mark London
Natick, MA wrote:

Mark London <> wrote about NYC marriage license
applications now indexed on Ancestry for which there are no NYC
corresponding certificates. I've encountered another problem: missing
listings of licenses obtained in NYC. I'm quite sure of one of them
because I was the bride! The license was undoubtedly issued in the
Manhattan Marriage License Bureau in (yikes!) June 1967: I have a
paper copy of the license, obtained last year, not to mention a
50-year-old souvenir pen!

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