Henry S(Solomon) Cohen of Ontario #general


I am looking for leads to find Henry S (Solomon) Cohen. He was a son of Mr Baron
Jacob COHEN of Ireland and Liverpool and eventually Hove UK. Henry was born in
Liverpool in 1889. A cousin told me that" Great Uncle Henry lived for many years in
Ontario". I do not know of a marriage or children. Or whether he died there or back
in the old countries.(Ireland or England). He might be Cohen or Cowen.I haven't
tried Cowen yet.

Research to date
I have found on Canadian Deaths 2 Henry Cohens, one buried in Beth Jacob Cemetery
in Kitchener Ontario with wife Rachel. (Hamilton area) No more details so far.
The second is buried in Dawes Road Cemetery. I don't know what area of
Ontario used Dawes Road Cemetery which I believe is east of Toronto.

At the same time I am looking for Mr Marks Leon Cohen born in Jedwabne probably in
1853,an accountant who "vanishes" after appearing in the Ireland 1901 census and
with naturalisation papers in 1902. Possibly he went over to England like big
brother Baron Jacob (Baruch Yaakov) but I cannot spot him. Marks Leon married
Esther Dora (ESTHER)Uryas. Baron Jacob married Dora Esther Lipson and she died in
1933 in Hove.

I have spotted on The Biggest gen website a Mark Leon (not Marks) Cohen as
a passenger to New York in 1903 On a Big British website I have Cohen Marks born
1853 and died in 1915 in Burnley Lancs and also Cohen Marks born in 1854 and died
in 1924 in Bethnal Green London UK On that same British gen website there appears
in "directories and almanacs" (which directory I couldn't understand)a Cohen Marks
L in 1933. JC online has not furthered my search. My guy is not Rev ML Cohen.

I would appreciate any suggestions for further searches. Does anyone have one of
these gentlemen on their tree.

Marks Leon Cohen had an eldest daughter Annie, born 1878 in Dublin. I am still
struggling to find her husband.Some possibilities that don't quite work include
Marks Rubenstein. Any suggestions or information would be wonderful.

These men are brothers of my GGM Sarah Levy and Leah Hesselberg and David
Cohen of Dublin.

Thank you very much
Ros Romem

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